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Risby CEVC Primary School  is committed to maximising the potential of every child. You too want the very best for your child therefore good, consistent attendance at school is crucial to give your child the best chance of success.


We need your support in ensuring that holidays are not taken in school time so that your child has the very best opportunity to succeed.


Our attendance figure for 2015/6 was 96%.  Our target for 2016/17 is 97%.  Monthly attendance can be seen on our monthly newsletter and displayed in our foyer.  Individual attendance figures are given out termly to every parent.  If required we deploy the Educational Welfare Officer to further investigate reasons for absence and ask for medical evidence.


We ask that your child arrives by 9am to start learning promptly.


Further information can be found in our Attendance Policy below:

Each term we are required to submit attendance data for our school to the Lead Attendance Officer from Suffolk County Council. Any children whose attendance falls below 95% or who are persistently absent over a number of weeks are identified and monitored by this service and our school.

Our Attendance Policy, which has been agreed across all Bury Schools Partnership Schools provides the following guidance:


99% - 100%


We consider attendance to be excellent



We consider attendance to be very good

96% - 97%


We consider attendance to be good.



We consider attendance to be satisfactory.



Attendance requires improvement

90% and below


Attendance will be discussed and closely monitored by the Headteacher and Educational Welfare Officer. Further absence may not be authorised without medical evidence and warning and penalty notices may be issued.


We do understand that we have had a number of children with ongoing illnesses throughout the Autumn Term including colds and several cases of vomiting. However, we have a duty to inform parents if levels of attendance are causing concern and fall within the various thresholds. 


Please see the following table to see how percentages look in school weeks missed:




is equal to 2 weeks not at school



is equal to 4 weeks not at school



is equal to 6 weeks not at school



is equal to 8 weeks not at school



is equal to 10 weeks not at school