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The Risby Curriculum Offer


The Risby Primary School curriculum consists of:


  • the National Curriculum core and foundation subjects, which are taught through a relevant, contextual and inspiring creative global curriculum entitled ‘A Journey Around the World’
  • RE, PHSE and Citizenship
  • Values Education
  • an enrichment programme for each year group



  • to provide an innovative, creative curriculum that encourages and motivates children nurture and develop well-rounded, capable and caring give children the skills, knowledge and attitudes to lead a rich and fulfilling life and become lifelong learners


In order to achieve our aims, we need to ensure children:

  • have firm foundations of basic skills that they can use and apply
  • have a broad range of exciting, creative and rich opportunities for high quality learning.
  • have memorable experiences
  • develop a set of core human values that underpin their spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) development and their sense of uniqueness and self-worth as individuals
  • develop their thinking and questioning skills


The Journey:

Each year group will focus on a different continent - history, geography, storytelling, art, music etc is taught through that continent. By the time they leave Risby the children will have travelled the world.

  • Begin our journey in Reception with a welly walk, journey by car, train, boat/plane, finally visiting first continent - Antarctica

  • Yr1 - Africa

  • Yr2 - Australiasia

  • Yr3 - Asia

  • Yr4 - Europe

  • Yr5 - The Americas

  • Yr6 - UK



Please see Long Term Plans for each class below: