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We are the first Suffolk school to be accredited as a 'Storytelling School'.


What is Storytelling?


  • The delivery is simple: pupils hear a story, map it, act (or step) the story, and then develop it in a variety of ways;
  • Further topic work then arises, embedding the memory skills;
  • Rather than stories coming out of topics, the curriculum is embedded into the stories being told;
  • The approach of story-telling appeals to a variety of learning styles, and enables pupils to develop creativity and linguistic skills, and apply those skills to a range of developed writing.
  • Stories come from a range of cultures and have often have a moral.


Why complete Storytelling?


Whilst data for the school remains high, we felt that storytelling was a method to develop other skills of deepening children's learning. This is an ongoing approach that will allow children to build their vocabulary, sentence structure and plot patterns, and has a cumulative effect that releases linguistic power.




We have experienced a continued and sustained rise in attainment in children’s writing: 93% achieved expected levels and 40% above expected levels at the end of KS1 in 2015, compared to 83% at expected and 33% above expected in 2014. This has continued into 2016, with all measures continuing above the national for the expected standard.